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Ashita No Joe Fanreport

I Just repost this from my friend report in Japan....She have watched the ANJ movie..and she said it was great film..


ASHITA NO JOE FAN REPORT ( February 11, 2011)

At last, I've waited for this day. ^^ Sugoi waku-waku desu! It’s 11:00 am when I decided to call the theather to ask the time schedule for Ashita no Joe. The first showing for the day was 12:30 pm and the second was 3:15 pm, so I decided to wacth the second one. I left the house at 1:00 pm, I wanted to come early to make sure I won’t be late. I arrived at the theather at 1:30 pm. When I arrived at the lobby of it, I saw this huge photo of Ashita no Joe’s casts.

After I took the pictures from the lobby, I procceeded to the ticket booth to change my ticket into seat number. Here, I uploaded the picture of how it looked like.

The movie will be started at 3:15 pm, and it was 2:00 pm when I got my seat number. So I still had so much time to roam around the vicinity of the theather. My feet landed on the Ashita no Joe’s souviners booth. I was so amazed to see those things. I wish I’m a miilionaire, so I will buy all of those cute things. Since I didn’t have much money, I only bought the guidebook, the strap/capital J, and a tiny pair of red glove.
(here is the picture)

Some photos of the souviners: a T-shirt, Joe's boxer short, uchiwa, eco bag, 3 kinds of straps, clear file, memo, mug, iro-iro...

It was 3:00 pm when the door opened, and the staff announced that we can now fill in the line to enter to the theather. I felt nervous because it was my first time to wacth a movie in theather  of all my 7 years staying here in Japan. I removed my leather black jacket to ?help me feel relax. Sugoi doki-doki desu. In any minute, I will witness Yamashita-san no subete no hard work and I feel proud of it. I observed some audiences were ojichan, obachan, family, groups of boys and girls maybe in high school degree, a couple who were holding hands. The theather was not so loaded, but I can say there were a lot of people.

After 30 minutes of adverticements, Ashita no Joe started! Hayyyyy.... yokatta!

Silent..... All of us there didn’t want to miss even 1 second of the movie. The first part there was a light comedy. And I could feel that those people were so mabushii of Yamashita's beauty, including me. Even if I was alone, I would feel that Yamashita is seating beside me ^^.
I noticed some audiences didn’t ate their popcorn and were concentrating on wacthing the movie.

Compared to the anime version, there were lot of scenes that weren’t showed in the movie.Like how Joe suffered the loneliness inside the prison, how he tried to escape from the prison and caused him to drown in the sea, that he had a part time job with mambos Nishi, etc etc.
Maybe because the anime had 79 episodes, while the movie only had 2 hours, so they only took those important scenes in the movie.

The best scenes for me are,, first, the first fight of Rikishii and Joe inside the prison. In there, Joe was still a hard headed boy, abarembo, he didn’t listen to his coach (Dampei ochan). I like this scene because in the middle of their fight, for the first time Joe used what Dampie ochan had teach him. "The counter pounce." Everybody were shocked!!! Because they were both knock out!!!
(here some pictures from guide book)

The second is the main fight, after Joe had been  released from the prison. From here, Rikishii and Joe had a hard training. Joe belonged to bantam division while Rikishii to light weight division. So Rikishii should loose some weight to be in the same level with Joe. For Riskihii it was a suicide diet.
(here are some photo's)

This is how Rikishii looked like when measured his weight in weigth scale. He locked himself in a room to avoid craving for food, he had to drink a small amount of water too. In the anime version, Rikishii ate 1 tomatoe/day only.

The 3rd scene was rikishi's death.that scene left a big impact to joe's conscience. I felt deeply moved with joe reaction.I cried in that sceneand I observed that people around me cried too.soul of yabuki joe goes to the body of yamapi,his acting was so natural that you can feel the real yabuki joe not yamapi.
You can feel the teamwork of ashita no joe are yamapi's subete no jensei. This movie is general patronage so anybody could wacth it. I'm looking forward if there is part 2 for this movie.I want to know how joe recover and how did joe become sucess in boxing profesion

Original fanreport : My friend in Japan
Repost by her permission




here some previews (there are 19 pages)

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credit : chibatucaizu

[ DL ] Duet Jan 2011 [ Scans ]

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scan credit to : king-kun (thanx to her)


Well...I'm confused what I must write in here because I'm not good in writing...and lazy to write something here...

earlier...I find about livejournal because jang keun suk...well, I'm one of biggest fans of him...he is multitalented actor from korea

btw since I'm falling in love with yamapi on 22 may 2010...

I begin to search yamapi..and finding him that he is talented too...and then I was going into yamapi fandom more in livejournal and makes me love and addicted with him more ....now I always thinking about him 24/7 days and love yamapi more than gen seuk (although like that, I love both of them) ..and from Yamapi....finally I have known about NEWS too and yes...I love NEWS too

yup since I'm yamapi and NEWS fans biassed..so I hope someone add me as friend that also have same interest with me....^^

Yes Yamapi is My FOREVER IDOL hopefully

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